Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My first Ritual

Yesterday I participated in my first ritual. It was a small one, but effective. The purpase of it was to melt away a negative emotion. I started by etching the emotion on a white candle then closing my eyes and allowing my self to feel it. I made note to what type of memories were associated with it helping me discover the root cause. I then lit the candle and watched as it melted into something else at the same time seeing the emotion and the attached memories melt away and transform into something else. I then took a long walk and burried it far away. This was not easy considering the ground was frozen and the only thing I took with me to dig with was a tablespoon!

My initial reaction to starting this ritual was exsiment. I mean after all your first time doing most things is exciting (hopefuly) and their was also a serious undertone because It was important to me that it worked. I began very dedicated but after a half hour the candle had only melted a tiny bit I started to feel a bit restless and I noticed my attentions were drifting so I turned and exhast fan on low and the candle did start to burn a little bit faster. I was then able to focus my attention on transforming my emotions for the rest of the time. I had etched the word very low in the candle and once the wax started melting the actual word I did start feeling a change in me taking place. That realy helped to reasure me.

I think that this ritual has really helped me let go of things that needed to be let go of. I feel much more at peace now and I hope this peace lasts for a while.

Blessed Be.

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