Sunday, January 31, 2010

My First Group Full Moon Ritual

I attended my first full moon ritual on Saturday at Luna's shop of Enchantments in Milford PA. I can not say enough about the experience. There was a mix of people from beginners to devout practitioners of many years. Everyone was so open and welcoming and willing to teach and learn.

When I first arrived I felt a bit shy, because my husband was not able to attend with me do to the fact that our babysitter got sick at the last minute, so I didn't really know anyone there. I used the time to do some shopping and picked up some herbs and candles that I needed. Eventually two other beginners approached me and we had a pleasant conversation and I felt much more at ease.

We all went upstairs to the loft where the circle was actually conducted and the ritual began. I learned so much about how to cast a circle and calling the quarters just from watching Lady Raven, the group leader. I also learned about the property's of the wolf moon and how it had been affecting my life. The energy work that we did with the group was also a great experience. Difficult to describe in words exactly how it made me feel, but rest assured it is a very strong positive feeling.

Unfortunately I was chosen that night to take care of my mother-in-law, so I did not get the opportunity to stay and chat after the circle. Hopefully next time.

Practicing solitary is a amazing experience on it's own for me, but having the opportunity to work with a group has brought my understanding of the divine and the energy we work with to a whole new level.

Blessed Be

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