Sunday, January 17, 2010

Because We All Have A Need To Place Labels

I was born to two very different Christian parents. My father was from a strict baptist family and my mother a more free spirited Christian. She believed that their was more than one correct path and that we all worshiped the same god but we called him by different names.

By the time I was 14 my father no longer lived with us and my mother having the beliefs that she did, had no problem with me exploring Wicca as long as she reviewed the material before I read it. Perhaps her "screening process" was the reason that I never heard of the "Witch Wars" and who is and isn't allowed to call themselves Wiccan. It wasn't until I was a little older when I started searching the Internet that I found out about theses things.

Their were terms like "fluffy bunny" and "Blessed Wanna Be's" that made me question all that I had accomplished on this amazing journey that I had been taken. I found myself no longer wanting to meet other wiccans or even to be considered one of them. I did not get off the pagan path completely. I still worshiped both a god and goddess and maintained some type of earth centered spirituality but I stopped reading and learning for fear that I might read the wrong thing and be considered one of these fluffy bunnies.

I am 26 now (but if anyone asks you tell them I'm 24 ;) and am starting to feel a deep desire to explore my religion further, to learn and to grow. I am going to try to do this while avoiding all of the negativity and remembering that others opinions having nothing to do with me. That is their problem. My journey is about the relationship that I have with the Divine and nothing else.

This blog will be my journal. I will not delete any comments but I do ask you to be respectful because I will be sure to post my opinion about anyone who is not.

Thank you all for reading and blessed be.

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