Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Natural Skin Care

A while back I blogged about the nasty ingredients I found in my Face care products and promised that I would share with you when I found something better. Well today I found myself with a bit of spare time and started entering giveaway's, and look what I found. H2o Naturals makes organic skin care products using only natural ingredients.

I browsed a few items on the website and was pleasantly surprised with what I found. The ingredients are listed on the site, and are for the most part easy to understand. Anyone with a basic understanding of herbs will recognize them,

The only things that I didn't like were a few ingredients at the end that were very vague, but they were at the end of the list so it is not a main ingredient. Another issue that I had was that I could not find anything on their site that said they were "certified organic". However it is illegal to represent a product as organic without certification. I am also not sure if the packaging made of recycled materials or if the products were tested on animals.

It is not a perfect solution, but it is a better option than propane and butane filled products.

If you would like to buy some you can find it here or head over to today's diva to win some for free.

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