Thursday, February 25, 2010

Natural Foods to Feel More Connected

I have been posting alot lately about nautral foods and cleaning products and even more, so I am sure a few people are wondering why, all of the sudden to I need to do everything natural. Well, I will tell you how it started.

Some of you may remember a post I did a while back called The Sun Does Not Rise Over Hawley PA. That was when I realized how disconected I had become. There was a time when I got up early with my daughter to watch the sunrise every morning. We didn't need an alarm clock or a compas. It was just happened naturaly. During those times I felt so connected to the earth, and my family, the creatures that shared my plot of land with me, and the higher powers that ruled it all. Since moving into town, as small as it is, our lives have become rushed, full of convienience items, take out and absolutly know gardening or sunrises.

It happened so slowly that I didn't even realize until I was completly gone. The first thing I did when I realized was go to my mothers house and sit on the cold frozen ground and meditate until I could no longer feel my butt. Now you would think that a person that had no feeling in there butt would be unhappy. Not me, I have not felt that good in months. That is when I promised myself that I would no longer let modern convienences come come between me and the world that I love.

I don't think that all modern conviences are bad. I watch the news on tv and occasionaly a prime time drama if I am bored, and I love the internet. It is an amzing way to learn things that you would otherwise never know, but I feel that the things that interact with me most intimatly, like the food that I ingest, and the air that I breath, should be as chemical and technolgy free as I can make them.

So I am balancing, my time, and budget, and making my life as natural as I can.

Blessed Be

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